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HRAS Mutation (Harvey rat sarcoma viral Oncogene Homolog)
HRAS gene encodes a protein called H-Ras that is involved primarily in regulating cell division. HRAS is located on chromosome 11p15.5. The frequency of HRAS mutations in thyroid carcinomas is 4 %. While most non-thyroid cancers have mutations in KRAS codons 12 and 13, most thyroid tumors have been found to have mutations in NRAS codon 61 and HRAS codon 61. HRAS mutations are also found in ~25% of sporadic medullary thyroid cancers. HRAS mutations confer increased sensitivity to MEK inhibitor in combination with radioactive iodine therapy.

Sample Type

FFPE Tissue: Formalin Fixed Parafin Embedded (FFPE) tissue block with atleast 3-4 sections of tumor tissue. Tissue section should contain >70% tumor content verified by pathologist and should be sent along with 5 H&E stained and 5 unstained slides of tumor tissue.
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