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EGFR (Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor)
Recommended for Lung Cancer

Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor is a cell surface protein that binds to epidermal growth factor. EGFR gene is located on chromosome 7 at position 12. EGFR mutations are commonly found in exon 18 to 21 of the EGFR gene. Over expression of EGFR gene has been observed in several cancers. More than 60% of the lung cancer cases shows over expression of EGFR, making it an important marker for diagnosis. Early detection is important to understand the pathobiology of lung cancer; tumor biology as well as host responses to first line treatment.

Sample Type

FFPE Tissue: Formalin Fixed Parafin Embedded (FFPE) tissue block with atleast 3-4 sections of tumor tissue. Tissue section should contain >70% tumor content verified by pathologist and should be sent along with 5 H&E stained and 5 unstained slides of tumor tissue.

Fresh Tissue: Fresh tissue in tms RNS stabilizer (XGtms-100) provided by Xcelris Labs in sterile leak proof container at -20°C (in Dry Ice)
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