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Genedrive® is a unique, affordable, rapid PCR based device for the rapid detection of MTB/RIF in a centralised laboratory setting. With minimal hands-on time the small, portable Genedrive® unit can be easily operated under a range of laboratory, field-deployment testing situations with limited requirement for ancillary equipment or test materials. Genedrive® is a compact device and weighs just 600g, so very less space is required.
Genedrive® PCR data analysis and result display are all fully automated processes & accessible through, clear and easy to interpret menu screens.
Advantages of Genedrive®
• Simultaneous detection of Mycobacterium tuberculosis and rifampicin resistance
• Fast turn around time ~ 75 minutes
• User friendly, simple to use
• Compact design for easy portability
• Lyophilised reagents stable at room temperature
Genedrive® unit significantly simplifies user operation through a single button.
Genedrive® ID cartridge
Genedrive® ID cartridges consist of an ambient temperature stable, lyophilised PCR reagents packaged into a single-use, disposable reaction vessel formed of three PCR thermocycling cuvettes. Each ID cartridge is supplied with a cartridge lid as part of the Genedrive® ID kit - containing all materials required for sample preparation and subsequent PCR analysis. Genedrive® system can only be used with the Genedrive® cartridge.
Sample Type
Sample to be used is raw sputum or sputum pellet.


User Manual
(Effective from 26.04.2016)

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